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motocross suit | Dots / Motocross Pants Black | enduro set

motocross suit | Dots / Motocross Pants Black | enduro set

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Choose this jersey and pants kit, specially created to match.

Personalize it with your name and number at no cost!

The shirt is made of high-quality polyester fabric to ensure high resistance and comfort for the pilot.

Made with elastic seams to ensure greater durability and freedom of movement.

The design of the graphics is made with the sublimation technique, guaranteeing not to lose the intensity of the colors with washing and without interfering with the breathability of the fabric.

The pants made with Tech-Flex fabric are 100% elastic. Which allows you greater mobility and comfort on the motorcycle.


  • Ultra light
  • Front zipper pocket sized for any smartphone.
  • Fabric printed with the sublimation technique which guarantees that the colors and graphics are long-lasting.
  • Leather knee protector, which ensures resistance to abrasion, heat and good grip on the motorcycle.
  • Lining in antibacterial and breathable fabric.
  • Non-slip waist band.
  • Rear panel tinted in piece so that it does not lose color when the seat rubs
  • Knee width compatible with orthopedic knee pads
  • Adjustable micrometric buckle


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